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Many companies and individuals make it their business to exploit as much of the system as they can, they have no interest in you as a person or your business, they generally operate for one or two years and then change the name an open a new business.

They will no doubt take a percentage based fee, they will then make sure you get a massive rebate, so they get a massive fee, however, please remember that regardless of who completes your return its always you that’s responsible for what's on it.

You may well have no idea what is on your return and why your getting that repayment.

If your return is investigated you will give back the majority of what you received, and what do you think the chances are of getting that massive percentage based fee refunded!

Many companies may also offer a rebate guarantee although you may want to check the terms and conditions of that guarantee a little more carefully.

You might have noticed there have been some quite prominent names in the papers over the last year or so, particularly for the loan repayment scheme or image rights paid to overseas companies

Notice how it's not the accountant you see in the news, it’s the taxpayer.

For Subcontractors in the construction industry on incomes below £55k there really are no magic tricks, fancy accountants, or somebody that knows more than somebody else.

The only reason one individual gets double the average refund is that there is something wrong on the tax return, and then its fingers crossed that isn’t reviewed.

While there certainly are people out there happy to chance it, why would you pay for a service that might land you with a large tax bill 18 months later?

You are always responsible for the information on your return, and it's you that has to pay it back, even if an accountant misadvised you.

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