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NJB Taxback is a registered HMRC agent and all our clients are registered to our business/agent account.

This is standard practice for anyone that completes and submits returns on behalf of others. It means that we have authority to discuss your affairs with HMRC, submit returns on your behalf. In addition, it means that we can request information for you if needed such as SA302 calculations for a Mortgage application or copies of previous returns, and we can also deal with HMRC for you if there are any issues with your returns.

We are required to comply with the regulations HMRC put in place to protect both you and us, and why we may need more information from you, from time to time.

Anyone that offers to complete a return by logging in to your personal tax account is likely not a registered agent, cannot do any of the above and is probably not registered for a reason!

Whilst we can speed up the authorisation process by asking to you add our agent details directly in to your personal Government Gateway account, we will not complete your return through your personal account and we do not hold your personal government gateway log in details anywhere. You should be very wary of anyone that asks for your personal information as they have then access to all your financial records, bank details, national insurance number, UTR number etc.

We would recommend contacting HMRC and possibly the police if any one ever asks you for this information.

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