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Even though NJB Taxback continues to grow, our morals and ethics remain the same now as they did almost 11 years ago.

Any data you share or store with us will only ever be used by us in order to complete your tax return. We will not share or sell any of your details.

As the possible misuses of your data can cover such a vast spectrum, it would probably make this a very large page if we detailed every possible thing we will not do with your personal data. So rather than do that, we'll summarise it as briefly as possible:

We will not do anything with your data, beyond what is absolutely necessary for us to provide our service to you, and complete your tax returns.

Your information is stored on two separate servers in the UK that comply with with industry security standards, and we are registered with the Information Commisioner's Office.

More details are available in our GDPR compliant privacy policy.

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