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Our rebate guarantee is unlike our competitors and here's why, here's an example of a typical rebate guarantee:

Under the guarantee, if HMRC open an enquiry into your claim, we will handle the enquiry free of charge. If the enquiry results in any money being repayable to HMRC, we will make the repayment provided you have given us full and accurate information about your income, outgoings and any money you owe HMRC. You must make every effort to obtain the information required as part of HMRC enquiries. Failure to engage in this process may result in the Guarantee being withdrawn.

Notice how this guarantees still actually requires you to then provide information to HMRC and if you no longer have the information the guarantee doesn't apply, well hold on a minute, didn't you send and provide all this information in originally and wasn't it already rigorously checked by a team of experts.

Theses guarantees for the most part simply pass the buck back to you, while they're better than no guarantee, they are not as good as our guarantee.

Here's ours:

This guarantee is based on the information you provided to us prior to submission, it guarantees the figures that we have checked and approved in the figures in your claim, it guarantees that the figures on the return match the records we have seen and held for you, it guarantees that in the event of an enquiry we will be able to forward all accompanying records to HMRC on your behalf, these may not be the originals although they will scanned or uploaded copies of the originals.

We are so confident of the rigorous procedures we have in place to protect your rebate that so long as you make a full and accurate declaration of all your income and expenses (and tell us of any debts you have at HMRC), then your rebate is 100% fully guaranteed in the event of an HMRC Enquiry.

Our guarantee makes your tax claim 100% HMRC safe, which means that once you've received your payment, it's yours to keep. If HMRC does raise an enquiry, then not only will we close the enquiry entirely free of charge, but we will also go so far as to protect (and if necessary repay) your rebate in full (inclusive of interest and penalties) directly to HMRC without liability or cost to you. This guarantee is, however, limited to the total liability charged by HMRC at the end of such an enquiry and does not extend to other costs incurred or damages suffered by you in any form whatsoever, either directly or indirectly.

This guarantee only becomes invalid and will not apply if the cause of the enquiry or adjustment is due to you providing us with falsified information at any point before, during or after the submission of your tax return(s), or if the tax rebate cannot be released by HMRC due to a pre-existing and undeclared tax liability owed by you to HMRC.

So as long as you have not given us someone else receipts or photoshopped bank statements (it happens!) you don't have to worry about any get out clauses.

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